20 Best Hilarious Jokes For Lockdown Day 22


1.Poverty is when you put water inside empty OMO satchet and shake it for more foam

2. Some parents use to write BEWARE OF DOGS on their gate when their Daughter is 18-22yrs!

But when she is 30yrs and not yet married, They will change it to ICE BLOCK IS SOLD Here.!

3. Breaking News: Don’t drink water immediately after eating fish . The idiot may survive!

5. Nowadays before you fall in love, make sure you photocopy your heart and keep the original at home just in case.

6.Be grateful for what u have & remember that one girl’s nipple is another girl’s full breast.

7.You will buy rice with meat, plantain and egg and the seller will ask u is that all, no put lion head, mosquito lap and crocodile tongue.

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8. Your neighbours will notice every girl you bring home. But they never notice your cloths on the drying line when its raining and you are not around.

no be witchcraft be that?

9.Big headed people can store information worth 64gb.

just beg them for money and they’ll remind u of all d wrongs u done towards them.

10. Welcome to Nigeria where you will use 1plate and end up washing 15plates and 5pots

11. If i impregnate my girlfriend and runaway doesn’t mean I’m not a real man, I am just practising social distance

12. I cried for 2hrs when one girl told me that aquatic animal is animal that come from Akwa Ibom

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13. I bought my first car at the age of 2, don’t mind me, i’m just trying to be a motivational speaker

14. A real man will sell his kidney to buy an iPhone 11 for his girlfriend

15. Science students walk like they can download tomorrow on their phone

16. That awkward moment you want to send your boyfriend a love message that will make him honey and you mistakenly send it to Daddy instead of Daniel oh fada lawd take my soul

17. The way I love my girlfriend eh, I can even jump in front of a trailer only if the trailer is packed save

18. I don’t know why some girls don’t read their Bible today my girlfriend asked me if I can die for her I have to explain to her that Jesus died for her and that’s why we are celebrating Easter today

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19. At this my age I still hug my mother and cry very loud when the thunder strike

don’t say I’m afraid of thunder o

20. Guys don’t mind me in that number 5 I was drunk when I wrote it

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