6- Armed robbers who robbed and stayed till dawn


Mr igbokwe ugochukwu,,from aba Anambra state the C E O of make me salon, number 44 bodethomas Surulere lagos was robbed by 6-gun men in his house.

About 2:30 this morning the Electricity light Tripped off and house was hot because of the heat so i called the security man’s cell phone to help me power the generator he didn’t pick up his calls, so I had to call my

immediate younger brother whose name is chimobi igbokwe his wife and children visited just to spend time lockdown with me and my family’ as chimobi opened the door to find out how he can power the 

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generator and why the security man is not 

Taking his calls, the next thing I heard was get inside my brother was pushed down on the floor in my living 

room he was told to lay down flat, when I came out to the living room I saw 6,armed men and my brother was already held at gun point, one of the armed robbers slapped my 

head and Ordered me to take him and bring out the money in my room on getting to the room my wife came out screaming, she was hushed’ and we were both walked inside,they took five hundred thousand Naira 

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from me and ask everyone to move to the living room they lied us flat on the floor till it was about 6:30 am in the morning when they ask me to get my car keys I thought they wanted the car too but I was ask to drop them off at the bus-stop at costtain under the bridge’

We are lockdown for corona virus- and armed robbers too.. god help us 

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