Five years in office: My mandate for change remains relevant – Buhari


Five years in office: My mandate for change remains relevant – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has assured all Nigerians that the mandate for change remains relevant.

The President said the mandate will be steadily followed to improve livelihoods as he marks the first year anniversary of his second term in office.

In a statement signed and made available by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, Buhari said the campaign had been hard fought; yet the mandate the people of this country gave him was decisive.

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Buhari recalled that he won the 2019 election with a distance of nearly four million votes or 15 per cent of the total votes cast over his closest opponent.

“It was then – and is today – a mandate for change,” Buhari stated.

According to Buhari, for many years people of the country have yearned for something different: less of the corruption and immoral greed of those who once governed; more decency in public life and fairness, and a chance to succeed.

He noted that Nigerians also yearned for improved security and end to terrorist bombings and for long-delayed infrastructure.

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Day by day, step by step, the President and his team are making the change that Nigerians have demanded.

“And it is a demand. Elected officials are servants, not masters. They govern at your discretion. The authority is yours to grant – and it is yours to take away.

“Since last year, President Buhari strived to implement the plan you endorsed with your votes. He has overseen an increase in foreign investment; construction of new roads, bridges and rails, and put structures in place to improve employment, and accomplished the diversification of the national economy through a massive growth in agriculture

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