Meet A man who was beaten by the police because he was not wearing his face mask.


A man who was beaten by the police for not wearing face mask

Fabian, who is a student leader at Kisii University was allegedly beaten by a police officer last week for not wearing a mask in public. He says that he was singled out by a police officer, whom he had met before, from a crowd of around 10.

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He identifies police as a neighbor and says that they have not been in a good mode for quite some time. The two have not been in good terms after the officer found his daughter in Fabian’s house.

As Fabian is recovering slowly, he has decided to do something surprising. He has promised to marry the officer’s daughter on mid June and promises that the wedding will be televised. He says that it is upon the officer to attend or not.

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He has also urged the police not to take advantage of the corona period to repay the grudges the had before with the common nwananchi.

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