Meet The Woman With The Strongest Vagina in the World. (Pictures).


She Holds Guinness World Record For The Strongest Va9ina in the World.

OKay, you read that right. This woman has the strongest womanhood in the world. Incredible right? I know you must wonder how this is possible, I mean, I do too. But read up and see.

Her name is Tatyana Kozhevnikova, she’s a Russian woman who’s a GYMNAST and she’s also a mother. Most ladies do many exercises like squats and crunches to build up their body, but not Tatyana. She does not only do squats, sit ups or push ups, she also works on her private area. She can lift up 30 pounds (about 10kg) with crotch muscle and that got her name into the Guinness world record. Talk about woman power!

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Tatyana was not born with a super strong VeeJay, in case you were wondering. She worked towards getting this. According to her, she said what inspired her was that after her childbirth her veejay became very sloppy and flappy and she was not having it, she decided to work on it.

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How does she lift weights with it, you must ask?

Well, she uses a technique; she inserts a wooden egg into her veejay, the egg has a rope that attaches a weight to it and grips it tight in a kegel-style and lifts it up. Wow! What an amazing skill. Lol.

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