Music: Mk Austin ft jay kris Bloody quest


Mk_Austin ft Jay Kris bloody quest

Mk Austin and Jay Kris A.k.a mad dogs has released their first rap title bloody quest.

The young Nigeria upcoming artist Mk Austin and Jay Kris has drop ? their first hit jam which was produced by RehoB

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Jay Kris:

Bloody quest
J Kris on dis trying to vibe in a little tho dats how I do yo

Rebels diabolical/I saw that when I read d last article/made me perform magic like a blast oracle/Dem d unbelievable happened oh wait dats fast miracle/rapping from the heighest point u know dats d pinnacle/

Verse 2
I guess my game get loose/or get fuse with mad tools/for dis fools to choose/for who’s use.

Verse 3
A solo marijuana/made him high alone/devious act made em die alone/ the gladiator war lead to men to die at Rome/ with a higher zone /wats left was a king but no throne just a clone on it’s own.

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Verse 4
Greesy mind but won’t let it slide/greedy grind but do let it hide/like a pride in d box(bus) but not a free ride/sucide for who lies in due dice on roll/made a bloody mess a new slice wise to form a troll.

Verse 5
I guess if u dig ur hands on dis beach wats left is sand work /u know d land mark/and u still believe in band rock/dats a wack talk/

Verse 6
But d deadly mess/in his hands /left a distance /just to keep ur high sense/and try less

Verse 7
My hunger satisfied when am chopping and spilling guts on d table/while dey keep flopping and dropping like a cable/am able to balance d game like satisfied hungry gamble/while dey keep getting loose like a fucking camel/while my karmar hits hard like ur cunny harmmer/and i raised these rappers like a godly mammal.

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My Austin:

I got mad thoughts ILL lyrics,,jumping at you with my shape claws blind fold/ ice around me so am not cold hardcore coming at you like it’s rapture true talk so I rap it up ehnnn.. all of you be chasing me for days now am on the track thinking that am running relay race if it’s not too bad I don’t want those sad puppy eyes around me your are all grown up and it’s creepy so I push you back ehnnn…

Now am in the church call me the bishop/yeahhh…
Your girl fell down I pick that bitch up/ yeahhh…
A bloody mess but I did the clean up niggas getting short and tight like a thing-top/

You got fake news by fake life that you used to leave in/ you jumping out the trees now u keep on coming/
Smoking rubbish and dropping and balling telling them stories and trapping and sipping not believing in your true nature…
Nigga you are weird and you all messed up”
I echo in the air that was a war gunshot
The shyt coming out of this waste land is your mouth so I taking it nice and easy cause I can’t shout….

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