President Buhari:schools and churches will re-open nationwide after the second phase of lockdown


President Buhari: Schools and Churches Will Re-open Nationwide after this second phase Lockdown

The Chairman of presidential taskforce on covid-19 boss mustapha explained briefly that Schools and churches will reopen after the second phase of lockdown Nationwide.

Boss Mustapha, the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has said that President Muhammadu Buhari will open all economic activities, schools and religious activities after this second phase of lockdown.

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According to Mustapha, the first phase of the eased lockdown expired on Monday, May 18 and Buhari has now extended it by another two weeks until June 1.

Boss Mustapha therefore urged all schools, places of worship, businesses, offices, should be patient that normality will be restored after this second phase of lockdown.

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He said the use of facemask is compulsory to all citizens of Nigeria and you must practice social distancing.

My Advice to you

1) you must follow expert advice by practicing social distancing.

2) you must wash your hands frequently with soap and running water.

3) Once Nigeria economy reopen, if you don’t have your facemask don’t go out to avoid unnecessary fees forced by the police officer and unnecessary harrassment by police officers.

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