“You have a fine B00bs” – Lady Narrates how a pastor flirted with her during deliverance


“You have a fine B00bs” – Lady Narrates how a pastor flirted with her during deliverance

A lady took to her Twitter page to share an experience she encountered with a pastor during a deliverance section in one of the Bible-believing churches.

According to her, “the pastor walked up to a few people than me and said to me, I have a spirit of seduction”.

Here’s what she tweeted;

“I can never forget this church my used-to-be friend invited me to some time ago After preaching the choir started singing. The pastor walked up to few people then me and said to me I have the spirit of ‘seduction’ I don’t know if he was led by d spirit to prophesy or something.

Lol I was looking at him. He then said I needed prayers and deliverance and I should come to the church the following day being Monday. That is prayer line, Then he left me A church worker walked up to me and drew me out and said I should register for prayer line and it’s 5k.

 gave them 5k wrote my name and phone number down. Next day was Monday I went to the church for deliverance this man said I should enter his office, man started saying he likes my color and started having funny conversations with me.

He asked where I was working Then asked for my phone number and then he said I should feed Papa so I’ll never lack He said I should bring fruits to his hotel room later in the day Lmaooooo I was angry.

The pastor started flirting with me Said I have fine breast and everything fits my height and size. And he likes fair women Then started persuading me to agree to bring fruits to his hotel In his words ‘let’s conclude so we can go to the church Auditorium for the deliverance.

I told my friend what her pastor said to me and she said I shouldn’t judge pastors and men of God She said nobody is perfect, everyone have their weakness I should follow the pastor for his grace and oil on his head Lol that day I stopped talking to her”.

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